Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Wonderful vision of Oz

 OK this Halloween was all my doing....
Sophia wanted to be anything scary and Peter Ray wanted to wear a store bought Star Wars costume.  I talked with my sister with my dilemma, I had this vision already in my head and as I tried to sell them on it I kept losing. My sister kept telling me to let them be what they wanted to be. I knew she was right but subconsciously I had a problem digesting it. So off I went into L.A. hunting for unique fabrics and deals for a Girl Werewolf and a Star Trooper...oh did I mention Sophia switched from a blood sucking vampire to a human eating Werewolf! As I walked the streets of downtown L.A. and reminisced on my days of dressing up my Godson who let me do what ever I wanted and loved every character I made him and appreciated my hard work I stopped looking at blacks, browns and blood and headed to OZ!

As I carefully introduced each of them to their costumes, they slowly became them and enjoyed them as much as I did. I sold Sophia on the glitter and pink and Peter Ray just became Oz!  They each brought my characters to life with Sophia embracing all of Glenda's magically beauty, big pink skirt, glitter wand and of course make up. Peter Ray gradually became Oz, I first made his pants with satin pin stripping and shiny vest. Then onto his green brocade coat and as I dressed him piece by piece and topped him off with  the placing of his top hat he became OZ.

As if we magically planned it, in talking with my aunt Renee her daughter was going to be Dorthy. It was too perfect to photo shoot them all together. Our photo shoot went perfect, the kids laughed and played and became each of the characters; holding hands and enjoying each others company.

I know my years are numbered as to what I can dress my kids up like for Halloween but if I play my cards right I think I have a few left. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, I think it's because I get to indulge in my sewing and making costumes make me feel Wonderful!
Glenda aka Sophia
Oz aka PeterRay      


  1. FABULOUS costumes JoAnn!! Glad you swayed them over to your side... :)

  2. FABULOUS costumes JoAnn!! Glad you swayed them over to your side... :)


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