Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Blessings

This Christmas just seemed to come and go, I was so busy working at the kids school and sewing in between I just felt like I lost track of time and before I knew it Christmas was here and gone.

The week before Christmas I slept so little I'm surprised I didn't crack, I'm sure the kids would see this comment differently; nevertheless I managed to help the kids in their classrooms and finish my own personal stuff before the big day.

As Christmas Eve came I was shockingly ready, I opted to let go of some projects that would have taken me for sure over the edge and just went with plan B and enjoyed a little rest before our big night at my parents.  The kids and I flew solo as Peter was busy keeping the happiest place on earth lit up!  My parents home was full of love, laughter and family. The kids got to play with their cousin Amanda and I too got to chat for a bit with my little cousin Andrew who is 15 and just a great kid to talk with. It was nice talking to a young man and seeing respect come out of this kid when so many kids his age are so different if you will. 

Christmas day was early upon us at 7am as the kids didn't care that I went to bed at 2am? Once again I drank up some good coffee and watched my two healthy kids play all day. I actually got to play with them in our Pj's until night when it was time to put a fresh pair on.  We had a perfect day of playing more laughing and love. 

I feel blessed this Christmas knowing my kids are both healthy, happy and living the life they live. I enjoy watching them grow and am lucky to  know they have a group of friends and family who love them and enjoy them as much as I do. 

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