Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Wishes

2 0 1 4  W I S H E S
As another new year comes to me, I'm not making any news years resolutions just hoping to make some wishes come true.
May my little boy continue to learn and love the game of baseball. This will be his 5th year playing and I think this is the division that makes little boys turn into big boys. As scary and sad as it is my son is becoming a big boy in more ways than just his size. As he evolves in school academics I am utterly speechless and beside myself at what he is becoming, still kind hearted, gentle, sensitive an loving.

CGGLL Baseball Try Outs 2014

Happy 70th Birthday Dad!
We celebrated at the kids favorite place Tokyo Wako. This goes to remind me how generous and big hearted my Dad is. Although it's his celebration he is always looking out for my sister and I and now my two little rascals, making sure we are happy and having fun. 

Friends Established 2007
Sophia and Annie have been friends sense before they were born and no matter where life takes us all I will always cherish the friendship these 2 silly girls have and how their mother is Mommy Kat and my good friend too! We don't have to see or talk with each other every day and always just pick up where ever we left off. I wish everyone had a friend like this and hope and wish Sophia will know friends like this don't come around every day.  

P O S I G L I O N E   G I R L S
Two beautiful little girls I have the pleasure of knowing and watch growing up into young ladies. I wish everyone can remember that first friendship that last a life long journey. I have mine and I think Peter Ray and Sophia have theirs.

 To my beautiful children, life is hard, life is fun, life is full of love and a journey that takes you to places only God knows where you are going. May you always have God in your life and heart and enjoy the journey of life. May you always know I wished upon you before you were created and my wishes for you are ever growing and will never stop. For you both are a wish come true to me.  

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