Monday, March 14, 2016

 Welcome back, as I contemplated writing in my blog, after being on what I like to call vacation.  I'm back and can only hope I give my monthly blogs the time to share my life as a mother, daughter, wife and friend.  My experiences in life may not be anything extraordinary but they are mine.  As I continue to explore life and challenge myself I have one wish and that is to show my children how to be strong, how to follow your gut, how to work hard , how to believe in faith, how to learn and most of all how much I love them and all this I do is indirectly because of them.

As we are only 3 months into the year 2016, Here are few of my favorite pictures and experiences of 2015 with my family and friends.  In 2015 my parents celebrated their 50th Anniversary. To celebrate they took us all (Roxanne, Keven, Peter, Peter Ray, Sophia and Me) to Puerto Rico for a family vacation.  It was a first for us all except Peter and the first for all of to travel together with my kids.  The experiences and memories will be special to me for ever.

We celebrated Peter Ray and Sophia's First Holy Communion.  This was extra special because they celebrated with our good friends the Ponsigliones.  Sophia turned 8 and Peter Ray 11, me 50 and Peter 52.  Birthdays are a big deal in our home and it's nice to look forward to each of our birthday celebrations together.  My sister without fail always takes the day off to be with me on my birthday and takes me out for the afternoon for some special sister bonding.  We did our usual Burke Williams Spa and ended lunch in Orange at the Filling Station and antique window shopping.

 Summer by far was one of my favorites so far.  Besides going to Puerto Rico, my friend Kat (the Ponsigliones) and I set out to hit as many beaches in SoCal  with the kids of course as possible.  Besides hitting our normal around the corner beaches (Naples, Long Beach), we ventured off to Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Malibu Beach and Zuma Beach.  We drove, hiked and schlepped in and out of Los Angles County beaches.  The kids and us experienced some first together and it was just nice vacationing in our own beautiful So. California.  I know the kids will remember some of our sites for ever.  Annie being afraid in Venice and all of us being exhausted hiking Malibu for a photo Kat and I had to have.  To my kids favorite "Zuma Beach" and swimming with a pod of dolphins.
 We also celebrated my cute goddaughters birthday! With a great PepaPig Pool Party.  Mia is such a wonderful little girl, I have to give kudos to her Momma and Daddy, they are raising this happy little girl who is full of life and is so friendly and social its simply beautiful I can call her my goddaughter.

We ended our year with a check off my bucket list; The Grand Canyon, it was surreal and simply beautiful, left me awe struck!

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