Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Playing Catch Up 2016

As school progressed so did my kids... Sophia discovered the love of a good book. She tucks herself in her room and reads 2-3 books at time, something I've never been able to do and she does this without a problem. I love this about her and constantly tell her reading will set you free in so many ways.   She also decided no more dance and that she wanted to play basket ball and so she did.  This is here first year playing and she basically joined a mostly all boys team and held her own. I was once again so proud of her.

The kids celebrated Fathers Day at home and at school with Peter. 
Instead of heading out to the course for a round of golf on fathers day, Peter opted to hit the range with his two favorite partners.

Friends that are like family are the best parts of our lives. We celebrated Easter Sunday with our family and our extended friends that might as well be our family.  I don't know why Roberta and I hadn't done this sooner, the holidays are to be spent with your loved ones which typically mean getting together with your family.  Yet we never really cross paths during this holidays. So this year we called it and it I hope continues for years to come.  I love that this girl I met oh so many moons ago is a person I can count on like a family member and a person that I choose to be around and share my life with.  Our friendship has evolved from 2 single girls to 2 mothers with kids. 

Peter Ray Gonzalez - The Graduate...
Peter Ray graduated from elementary school this year and left with a bang!  Meet all is AR Goals, received multiple academic awards and too boot made the Pentathlon team and participated in a 6 month program with a group of some of the best kids I grew to know while at this little elementary school I found 6 years prior tucked in a neighborhood fit for us.  His team took 4th place over all elementary schools in Orange County and I have to say I couldn't have been prouder of them all, but of course even more so for my son who continues to shine and show people what he's made of!

 Sophia turns "9" and did it well.  Due to her love of Harry, we made a special trip of celebrating her 9th birthday at Universal Studios, where Sophia was able to enjoy her day with Harry Potter and Hogwarts School of Wizards. After a day of wizardly exploring we toned it down and celebrated with my sister who baked with Sophia and spent the evening bonding with her in the kitchen.

It'sa my birthday too!  Peter and Sophia share a birthday month and that is exactly what happened to his flan at El Mercado!

Grand Canyon in the summer!  After school was out we headed back to Arizona to explore other areas like, Flagstaff and Sedona and of course the Grand Canyon.  Although we had already been there it didn't hurt to see this beauty twice.

Coronado Beach was the icing on our summer.  The kids and I love to explore this beautiful little community and relish in its beauty.  From gold sand beaches to the best Italian food, Coronado is a must every summer!

Mother and Son est. 1963.  Peter's mother from New York spent a week with us this past summer.  It was nice having them around the kids and taking her and poppa Ray to some of our favorite summer spots like; Seal Beach, Naples Long Beach and of course In & Out Burgers.


 Happy 4th of July 2016!

Goldenwest Water Polo
Peter Ray had his first experience joining the GW Water Polo program this summer. We didn't know what to expect and I am so happy it was a hit. Especially after watching the summer Olympics our timing was perfect.  I can't wait for Peter Ray to explore this sport further. 

1000 steps to heaven
This was a new beach for the kids and I to hit this summer.  As we made our way down a flight of (not quit 1000 steps, more like 400 steps) this kids and I found our new favorite beach spot in Laguna.  The hike is work the walk!

Out of sequence...
This is Peter Ray in his last band performance at his elementary school, playing percussion's.

Another Family Graduate.  My cousin Andrew graduated from High School with high honors and an acceptance letter to Grand Canyon University!  Our family is thriving all the way around!

Sea World before we go back...
My parents treated the kids and I to a weekend in San Diego before they headed back to school.   We hit Sea World, Balboa Beach and Delmar Beach and I will have memories of my mother riding this huge roller coaster with Peter Ray, playing video games at the arcade with my kids, being silly and sitting in the VIP section at Del Mar beach watching the kids play in the sand and ocean for hours.  I will remember these days forever.  

My last summer explore...
Downtown Los Angeles, being that I lived and breathed Los Angeles for 25+ years when I was working in the garment industry, it comes to no surprise how much I still love the hustle, culture and vibe Los Angeles has to offer.  And although I worked there for so many years, there were places I hadn't been too and now I can officially say I've been there; like the famous Bradbury Building, known for it's beautiful architecture the kids and I conquered this little gem and I was glad to have discovered it with them by my side and in my camera lens.  We ate lunch at the Farmers Market, which isn't a market at all but instead a mesh of great restaurants.  We explored the beautiful Los Angeles Library and were even able to chill and read a book and really take in it's artistic beauty. And as if the sites on my list were not enough we did all this on foot and really got the rhythm of the city in our feet, minds and souls.

Where I'm from...
I took the kids to the neighborhood I lived in before my parents bought our first home.  Barns Park, Monterey Park California.  This park and me go way back, nothings really changed. It's as big and grand as I remembered it; pools, tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts and of course the famous outdoor theatre my sister and I would play in all summer long.  I sat on the grass of this massive park and shared stories with the kids of all the things my little sister and would do at this park.  From eating strip with hot sauce to watching my dad pick up a basket ball game to swimming in the pools from early mornings till night.  I'm glad the park was as big as my memory!

Peter Ray turned 12 and although not a teen we are in no rush.  We celebrated his special day country style at Knotts Berry Farm.  The best part of this day is we all got to enjoy the park together with my sister and mother.  We wheeled my mom through the park and rode fast roller coasters and laughed all day long, just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt.

Halloween quickly approached us all, being my favorite all time holidays I have to admit I had to sit this one out.  With both my kids putting together their own costume I had to find my happy place in enjoying them and their independence. The best part was saved for last, we ventured outside our neighborhood of 12 years and went trick or treating with our friends in their hood and to our surprise it was grand!  Sometimes change is good, this was one of the good ones!  We also made our way to Disneyland before the great big pumpkin turned into a great big Christmas Tree and once again I was set straight in exploring for the first time the Haunted House as the Nightmare before Christmas. The line was worth the wait and the kids and I can't believe we hadn't ever done this before.  So a great big thanks to Roberta for pushing us to stand in line for 90 minutes!

Until Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years

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